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Circuit Design introduced CDT-TX-02M-R and CDT-RX-02M-R 434 MHz radio modem.
These modules are specially designed for long range On/Off remote control.
Evaluation samples are now available.

Circuit Design offers test board at free of charge for your first purchase of CDT-TX-02M-R / CDT-RX-02M-R 434 MHz set for limited period and quantity.The quantity is limited. Please contact us now.

TEST board:
TB-CDT-TX-01 for CDT-TX-02M-R transmitter
TB-CDT-RX-01 for CDT-RX-02M-R receiver

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Please email us with your request

7557-1, Hotaka, Azumino-city, Nagano, 399-8303, Japan
Phone: +81-263-82-1024 Fax: +81-263-82-1016

contact us

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Either credit cards or bank transfer is accepted for sample orders.

Credit card Bank transfer
We accept Visa and MasterCard. The maximum amount is JPY 300,000 We accept advance payment by bank transfer. Bank charge should be paid by the customer.

Handling charge Back to top of the page

For the shipment less than Yen 100,000, following handling charge shall be added.

Location Air courier
Europe JPY 4,000
North America JPY 4,000
Asia JPY 5,000
Oceania JPY 6,500
South America JPY 6,500
Middle East JPY 10,000
Africa JPY 10,000

* The charge prices were updated on June 3, 2015.

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